9 replies to AI Girl #455 – #458

  1. lashington

    they just keep getting better and better! WOW keep up the great work

  2. Joss

    You’re very pretty, you just have a problem
    with your hands and fingers…
    An AI girl has to be perfect.

  3. Jazzy

    Great sexy little minx… XXX She looks like a real tease, she must be great at sucking cock with her sexy little mouth. And she would be a great little sex toy. XXX

  4. Lenavolk31

    These are very good! It would be better without tear drops though. But, you are on the good way. Maybe her eyes are just a little big.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, she will make a great little sex toy and will probably love to suck cock with that sweet young mouth ! 🙂

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