7 replies to AIBlog Girl #389

  1. Jss

    I think it is very beautiful, almost real, and
    when comic-type stories are made with
    forbidden themes, or maybe there already
    are and I don’t know.

  2. Sparkiedog

    Add a nice cock filling her mouth full of cum and it would be amazing.

  3. Art

    1. Thank you for the choosing the caucasian option.
    2. I think her face is perfect, so beautiful cute and sweet.
    3. Her tits are good tits, but they don’t fit her face’s age, nor does showing them in full fit with her flirty innocence & cuteness. Imo, a good dose of her cleavage with the bikini top still on would suit better & look hotter.
    4. But yeah the face, mwah!

  4. Art

    When I say face I always mean the hair style and any accessories too. x

  5. anon

    So real !
    I want to fuck her !
    I want to fuck her !
    I want to fuck her !

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